Feel Everything In Your Home

Feel Everything In Your Home

When I first enrolled at the Reno school two years ago, I only reached the second PDF of the first module before my first blitz. I say first because there were many others to follow! But this one was particularly memorable.

It was there, written in black and white:

A pictorial image is just a glorified image of the mood, right? Wrong! This is much more than that. A mood board (despite its name) usually represents how something should look, rather than how it should FEEL. Our vision tables do both.

This paragraph really resonated with me. I guess by then I had longingly looked at the perfectly decorated houses in magazines and wanted ours to be so beautiful while wondering how the hell I would ever feel relaxed in such a pristine house with two young children.

It’s the little about how you want to FEEL that really resonates with me… it should certainly be the sensations when it comes to renovating the house of your dreams. It’s no good coming home in a house that looks like a life out of fashion when the mere thought of cleaning those fluffy carpets and dusting those shiny surfaces pulls you back through the front door.

From this “ah ha” moment I really felt quite liberated! I realized that our renovation should be focused on how WE (my family and I) want to feel at home. Not about what my girlfriends think when they call to have a coffee, nor about what my parents think when they come to stay… and certainly not about what my neighbors think (in the most beautiful way!) I think they are still recovering from the day we painted the front fence black! # Surprise Horror #blackisthenewnoir

Every time it came to choosing something for our house, (floor coverings, lighting fixtures, furniture, you name it!) I would think back to those wise words from the school of Reno and think about how this article made me feel. Carpet of bright color Dre afraid! Oak parquet from engineering joy JoY! You understand the essence. It’s become a fantastic way to refine my choices.

But I make it all so easy! The key to work came when well-meaning friends, merchants, suppliers, the postman, <insert accidentally lost relatives> gave their advice or opinions on everything and everything, making me doubt my carefully thought-out decisions. But with the help of three little birds tweeting over my shoulder, I remembered my mantra and stayed strong #itsallaboutthefeels


Me: we put a pool of fiberglass!

You “” Ooooh, it’s so eigh the eighties!”Congratulations to you if you were so forward-thinking about installing a pool that is affordable, faster, softer, warmer, cleaner and greener than its concrete equivalent! Yes, I completely copied Lana’s self-cleaning swimming pool and now I also drink the Kool Aid Fiberglass Pool. Instead of spending hours cleaning it, we spend hours watching the children play or enjoying them as a water room from the living room window. And it’s awesome!

Me: the sink goes into the bank of the island.

She: “Ooooh, but your dirty dishes will be put on display so that everyone can see it!”That’s why we have installed two dish drawers on the island. There is always at least one vacuum, ready to load all dishes directly. And several times a day, while I wipe the crumbs from the children’s plates right into the sink, I smile and think about how perfect it is for the way we use our kitchen.

Me: I do without a large laundry for a butler’s pantry

You “” Ooooh, isn’t a butler’s pantry overkill for a house your size?”No question, José! I was willing to forgo a large laundry room to have a pantry the same size as my whole old #yesway kitchen, and I love it. It also serves as a storage space for all our trays and boards, hiding all the household appliances and all the clutter that accompanies my children learning to prepare their own breakfast. There is a sink and another crockery drawer, and at Christmas, it paid off completely.

And this pink stool…

I always had a penchant for everything that is pink (can you say that?!) and when I saw these stools, I just could not walk. Don’t even let my mom start on them “ “They’re not very subtle, they’re Amy”. No, they are not ! How I love her. Will you stand the test of time ? Maybe not. But how do you make me feel ## pure joy #prettyinpink

Such is the moral of the (long) story to remember the words of these three wise birds of the Reno school create YOUR home for the way you want to FEEL.

Patsy S. Anderson


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