Few Ideas To Up Your Floorboard Game

Few Ideas To Up Your Floorboard Game

Engineered wood was a no-brainer for Bonnie, Lana and Sophie when they chose the flooring for their family home. It is durable, soft underfoot, looks fabulous and has all the advantages of real wood, because it is essentially real wood… it’s just made up of layers. Think of it like a sandwich: the top piece of bread is what you see. It is about 6 mm of hardwood, like a European or American oak. The middle of the sandwich is filled with goodness – either a softwood like poplar, or an artificial core. This makes the whole sandwich super strong and stable.

We choose woodcut engineered wood flooring because of the high quality product, the awesome showroom that helps us select the right boards for every home and they have a huge range of colors, widths and patterns that allow us to improve our floor game. Check out these 4 ways we’ve used woodcut to create extra spaces…


At Bon’s #moderncoastalbarn, we used Woodcut herringbone parquet boards in the entryway to create a pattern that is truly part of the foyer and defines the entryway to the home. The herringbone boards are shorter and less wide, but they are the same color, oiled white, as the large, beautiful and wide boards in the rest of the house.


Engineered wood is ideal for high tread areas of the house, which makes it an excellent option for stairs. We run the same board on our stairs to create a continuous flow from the bottom up. At Sophie’s, our #hinterlandhideaway, we carried the beautiful woodcut Voss up the stairs and the pièce de résistance is the brass nose that runs along the width of each tread to bring a little bling to these stairs.


If you love the herringbone look, why not make it the hero at home? At House 13, our #AustralianStaycation, we used full-size woodcut boards, rather than smaller parquetry boards, to create a herringbone layout throughout the kitchen. It’s like chevron on steroids and we’re digging it out!


You guessed by now that we think the chevron is hot… but it is also more expensive to purchase and takes longer to lay than traditional boards, so we usually save it for special areas. Few wardrobes usually fall into the category of “special zones”, but Sophie’s wardrobe at home 10 certainly does, which makes her worthy of the rafters.

Have you thought about how to improve the game of flooring in the renovation or construction of your home? Flooring is an important decision because it covers a large area, you walk on it every day and it usually absorbs a large part of your budget. This is the first element that we choose when designing a room (and a house) – so everything else is built from there. The flooring is literally the basis of the space that sets the tone for the rest of the interior design decisions… no pressure!

At Reno School, our 6-week online course, we will tell you about the pros and cons of engineered wood, as well as bamboo, carpet, tile, vinyl, laminate, solid wood and polished concrete to help you make this important decision.

Patsy S. Anderson


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