Ideas To Create A Fabulous Floor

Ideas To Create A Fabulous Floor

At the risk of being too dramatic we think that the plan of a house can change life! The layout you choose can make the difference between a relaxed and cozy house that you will be happy to return to … or a labyrinth of small, impractical rooms, lacking fluidity and attractiveness.

With this in mind, you want to spend a lot of time evaluating different options and perfecting your plans when renovating or building your home. We recently went through the design process of our dream home with the Three Birds and had a long list of must-haves to create a fabulous floor plan for this “best of the Birds” home. Here are some of our best tips for creating a floor plan that you will love…


If you are doing an extensive renovation of a house where you plan to live for a long time, it is imperative to make a floor plan that will continue to work in the future. If you are in the parental trenches with a tribe under the age of 5, you won’t open spaces that allow you to easily supervise children … but before you know it, they will be teenagers and want some more private spaces with their friends, without mom and dad fixing them directly. And maybe the beautiful staircase we chose for house 14 seems a little, er, “ripe” for a young brood … but wait, you will climb these stairs like professionals in no time and you will be able to enjoy the beauty of this masterpiece for years to come.


We love an open floor plan, but it can’t be without places to escape. There is also a too open plan, but you also want to include quieter places in your house. Whether they are for everyone in the family or specifically for parents or children depends on you. #mediaroom #study #mancave #sheshed


The inner/outer flow is the key! If your house does not have an outdoor area, we bet that it is probably possible to create one, even if it is small. The best outdoor areas are built directly from an open living space and a kitchen. One of our preferred solutions is to build an indoor/outdoor service with a large gas window that allows people to sit outside while socializing with the people inside.


Even if you like to entertain, as a rule, it is not worth sacrificing what you would rather live with every day for what is nice when you are chatting. A bar area is nice to have in a funhouse, but if it takes up valuable space in your floor plan, a bar cart that can be removed when you need it will probably work just as well.


As a must-have bathroom for guests, it is best to keep the shower room away from the main living areas such as the kitchen and living room. Guests do not want their visit to the toilet to take place in front of the owners’ noses, and vice versa.


And while we are talking about toilets, think about where your toilet is and try to avoid placing it as the first thing you saw when you walk through the door. We love to blow up the toilet behind the door or a small half wall can be a great way to hide it from the eyes.


Parental leave is at the top of our priority list in family homes. It would seem that this is a room where parents can retire and much more than just a bedroom – so if you can put one or two extra chairs in the room, you immediately made room for more than just sleeping. We always aim to have a modern bathroom (usually quite open) and a spacious wardrobe.

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