Simple Tips To Choose The Right White

Simple Tips To Choose The Right White


Sorry, Guys… just when you thought we were going to announce our one-Stop, Go-to, Must-Use-Everywhere -, Magic Unicorn Shade of White… we have to break it to you, it just doesn’t exist!

Unfortunately, when it comes to choosing the white color, there is no ‘One White fits all’ solution, so we will share the proven process that we go through to choose the white color for each of our projects.

There really is no shortcut to this process and although we are big fans of Dulux white on white, we do not spray it everywhere without testing it on the walls of the house we are going to paint. You will be surprised and amazed at how different white colors can appear in different homes and environments, and we would rather you be surprised by your fabulous end result than be surprised! #youhavebeenwarned

Let us show you how to choose the white color for our projects…

First of all, do you know if a cold white or a warm white is best for your project? If you choose the color white, there is a fine line between a cool and relaxing atmosphere and the appearance that you experience in a strict scientific laboratory, then you should find out if it is probably a cold white or a warm white that creates the sensation you are looking for.


Cool whites are perfect for adding a modern or minimalist touch to a room. They often wear blue or gray shades and are useful for dimming bright light. These colors are softer to the eye and give you the feeling of a larger space in the room. We have used fresh white in most of our homes to create a cool coastal atmosphere.


Warm white often wears subtle shades of peach, pink or yellow. These variations invite a relaxed warmth into your home and can help soften rooms that don’t get much sun.

We recommend that you consider cold and hot blanks before refining your search. As for sampling, include at least one of each in your search to compare how it looks with other elements of your room (Wood, other colors) – this is a great way to eliminate what does not work.

When we choose an exterior white, we tend to consider more chalky shades than what we would use internally. You can get away with a light white interior, but your exterior will still be exposed to the elements. even if you try to prevent it, it becomes dusty and dirty, and you will not want it to manifest itself.

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