Skirts That Worth Shouting About

Skirts That Worth Shouting About

While we’re partial to a fabulous skirt in our closets, like Erin who broke the Internet, we’re big fans of Fancy Skirts (aka skirting boards) also in the rest of our homes.

We firmly believe that it is all the little details of a renovation or construction that come together to create the Wow factor, so you will never contrition spending the time necessary to get the details right.


Cut, you say? By “decorative moldings” we mean skirting boards (which are at the base of your walls) and architraves (which are the frames around your windows and doors). From our experience, we have found that these details are often overlooked, which is a shame because they can make a difference with a room.

Many novice renovators do not even know that they have a choice of coatings and will end up with the Standard coatings cited by the manufacturer. If you want something more Spesh in your home, you need to know which Profile you prefer so that you can specify it in advance. A friendly word of warning – there are literally thousands of options available and the choice between them can be a little overwhelming, but a good place to start is to look at a few photos of beautiful rooms and see if there are any moldings whose appearance you like. Your Vision chart should also help you determine your style.

We choose skirts and bows Intrim for all our projects and we like that you can buy by style on your website to refine your choices. Intrim allows you to choose from a range of heights, materials and finishes that meet your needs and can be a godsend for your Budget!



For her own home, Bonnie chose a simple Profile that looks great in any coastal-style property. As a lot of product was needed, she opted for the 18 mm thickness, which is much affordable than the 30 mm version, but the end result is very similar.


We have chosen a slightly curved Profile for this single family home that adds subtle details without being an outstanding design feature, because sometimes #lessismore.


Did you know that one of the most functional purposes of skirting boards is to protect the walls from accidental bumps and bumps? Not only do these curved boards look great, but they also protect Sophie’s walls from many car and scooter incidents.


This classic Hamptons profile was perfect for our #colourmehampton home. Intrim profiles are specially manufactured from a range of woods, including pine and moisture-resistant MDF, and they are available pre-primed, which allows you to save even more time for your project.

Patsy S. Anderson


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