Some Easy Tips To Style Your Sideboard

Some Easy Tips To Style Your Sideboard

A sideboard must be one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can have in your home – it looks great in any style of the house and in any room of the house and provides a great opportunity to free the rock star from the style that slumbers in you.

Here are some super simple tips for styling a buffet.


Having a hero piece on the wall above the buffet is a no-brainer as it creates a focal point. This wall hero could be a magnificent print (or a print gallery), a magnificent mirror or a textured feast with something like a juju hat. Once you know what you are going to place above the console, your next decision is where to position it – centered or off-center? There is no “right” way here, it really depends on what works best with the decorative pieces you are going to use and whether you want to create a symmetrical or asymmetrical balance. Both may be beautiful, but we, as a rule, are moving towards an asymmetrical look. It’s a little cooler and more relaxed, and we love it.


Once you have chosen your wall hero (or heroes), the next thing is to select a set of objects to sit on the buffet. An easy-to-follow rule of thumb is to choose things that vary in size to end up with a good mix of heights and shapes. This creates visual interest and balance.

Adding height to a sideboard is probably the most important, as it helps to balance the long and thin dimensions of most sideboards. Our must-have is a vase with flowers or beautiful branches, but a plant or a table lamp is also perfect for bringing height. We also want to position our higher rooms so that they slightly overlap the wall art, thus creating a visual connection. Sometimes this high piece can pack such a punch that it replaces the need for any wall art.

Medium-these are often sculptural objects. We like to use empty vases, succulents, standing books or large candles.

Stockings – pretty bowls, a chain of mud beads, tiny candles, a small pile of books and sculptural objects of nature – shells or corals – are usually our favorite options for this category.

Once you have your selection of objects, arrange them in front of this wall hero to create balance and harmony. You don’t want everything to be in a straight line (snoozefest!). Instead, create a little depth by sliding some of the highest objects a little to the back and bringing the lowest objects to the front. The key in styling these parts is to group some objects together.

Patsy S. Anderson


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