Tips To Have Suite Dreams In Your Bedroom

Tips To Have Suite Dreams In Your Bedroom


A bedroom is not just a place to sleep, we think it should be your own escape from the hustle and bustle of life and a place to enjoy a quiet relaxation.

If you want to style your room to add personality and luxury, check out our simple tips.


When you’re styling a bedroom, the bed is the best place to start, because it’s the biggest piece of furniture in the room and the one that has everything else to go around. But it’s not as easy as buying the first bed you see!

Size – who doesn’t like a king-size bed? They are luxurious and if you have the room, a king size bed is definitely our recommendation. If you are working with a smaller room, opt for a queen-size bed and don’t rule out a double bed either, as this could make your bedroom even bigger. It might not be a good idea if you and your partner need some space to stretch out at night, but it’s a clever trick you can use when styling yourself for sale.

Style – You need to decide whether you want a set, headboard or bed frame. The size of your room could help you make the decision! A four-poster bed is probably a boost in most large rooms, but if you have space, it can make a luxurious statement.

Position-If you have chosen the perfect bed for your room, do not be tempted to push it into a corner. The centering allows better access and creates the illusion of more space, not to mention making the bed much easier.


Once you have determined the type of bed for which you are going, you should think about how you will dress it. It’s an IMPORTANT style moment and the bedding you choose will have a huge impact on the look and feel of your master suite. Beautiful, comfortable bedspreads, soft pillows and interesting textiles are the elements that will make your bedroom multidimensional and more comfortable. Nothing looks sadder than a bed with a fine doona and two tired pillows.

Bedding – When it comes to color, it probably won’t come as a surprise to learn that we think you can’t go wrong with WHITE bedding. But it’s true ! You can’t. If your vision board calls for color, opt for it, but when in doubt, white is always right.

Valance-a valance is a decorative sheet designed to hang on the mattress and hide the box spring of a set. Your nan may have had a frilly flounce around his bed, but nowadays there are simple and modern designs that will suit any room.

Doona-A “doona” is what we Australians call the big, hot and inflated thing over the bed that fits into a pretty blanket. But wherever you live and whatever your name is-doona, duvet or duvet-this is an important part of your arsenal of styles in this room. We would like to increase the size of our doonas so that there are many cantilevers to cover the mattress.

Throw-Throw a throw or blanket to add another layer of texture and color to a bed. A thick thick knit radiates a sweet and cozy atmosphere in winter, but in summer you can opt for a lighter fabric, such as linen.

Pillows and Cushions – now that bedding and doonas are marked on your style list, it’s time to talk about pillows. Pillows and cushions are the place where you can bring more personality through pattern and print. Wondering how many pillows to use? Regarding the king size beds, queen size or double beds with our answer is between 6 and 10. One of the easies

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